Integ’s Indigo Digital Press Showcase

For over 25 years, Integ has continuously positioned itself at the forefront of technology to better serve our customers. We have taken another step towards the future by acquiring an Indigo 15K digital press and the first Indigo 7K digital press in the United States. In celebration of this and to educate our wonderful Integ family of clients, we hosted a webinar alongside our partners at HP to showcase all the capabilities of these presses.


These presses can do a number of amazing things and we know the information we talked about in the webinar was a lot to take in, so we have posted the full recording of the webinar on our youtube channel. Below, you can find a link to the video and the deck presentation from Bill DeAngelis.


We hope this event sparked your imagination and we can’t wait to talk about the cool ideas and projects we can do together with these presses. Please reach out to your Integ representative with any questions or to set up a consultation.


Youtube Link:

PDF of Presentation Deck:

Indigo Presentation Deck

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