Offset Printing Services In Texas

print solutionsInteg is a highly skilled and efficient choice for offset printing in Texas. This unique printing method allows for the mass production of top-quality printed media. It’s a state-of-the-art service from Integ, creating the most professional printed products.

Once a small printing company in Waco, Integ has grown into the largest printing company in Brazos Valley and Central Texas. We’re proud to offer offset printing solutions for your large-scale personal and commercial printing projects. From the highest-quality brochures and stationery to magazines and newspapers, our offset printing services are ideal for all industries.

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing, or offset lithography, is a printing method suited for mass production. The process involves transferring an inked image from an aluminum or zinc metal plate to a rubber blanket. The blanket then transfers the image to the material on which you wish to print.

Offset printing is often used for printing magazines, brochures, newspapers and books. It’s one of the most cost-effective options for high-quality printing at large volumes. It can create detailed impressions on traditional materials — such as paper and cardboard — or more abstract materials — such as leather, PVC and metal. Images are clear and sharp, no matter the surface.

Digital printing methods, such as inkjet or laser printing, do not use a metal plate or blanket. Instead, they use ink or dry toner to print directly onto the media surface. Digital printing combines colors as they are printing, while color mixing for offset printing occurs as the ink dries.

Advantages of Offset Printing

Offset printing is best for medium to large batches of printed products. This printing method offers a highly consistent color output with exact PMS tones. It’s ideal for projects with high page counts and those that require varnishes or coatings. The following are some advantages of choosing our custom offset printing services:

  • Larger quantities result in a lower price per piece
  • Choose from varying paper types, printing surfaces and finishes
  • Pantone and metallic ink colors are available
  • Unrivaled printing quality with intense detail and color rendering
  • Fast turnaround for large-volume printing

Industries Served

As your go-to source for offset printing in Texas, Integ is proud to serve a long list of industries. Our expert press operators use the most innovative offset printing technology to create print projects that exceed your expectations.

Here are just some of the countless industries we serve:

Areas Served

Integ is Texas’ one-stop destination for printing services, including offset printing, digital printing and more. We proudly serve multiple areas throughout the state, including the following and many others:

Why Choose Integ?

Integ is the most experienced and professional offset printing company in Texas. When you work with us, you know you’re getting the highest-quality printed projects, whether you’re looking to grow your business, promote a product or feature your company’s logo. Our offset printing services allow high-volume printing in full color. We’ll ensure your company’s color scheme remains consistent across all printed products.

When you choose Integ, you’re also getting the best customer service in the industry. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction, whether you want us to help create your printed projects, manage them or even deliver them via direct mail. Our unrivaled customer service and skilled team result in an unmatched printing experience from start to finish.

Achieve success with us! Request more information on our printing services and pricing today.

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