Trade Show Booth Success: SportClips Huddle Projects

Every year, Integ attends the SportClips Huddle National Convention to meet with franchise owners to market our direct mail marketing capabilities. With every campaign, Integ tailors their strategy for their specific target market and audience. In preparation for this trade show, Integ wanted to showcase their capabilities with variable direct mail pieces that were personalized for each individual attending. Integ also wanted to enhance their booth with clean and crisp environmental graphics that made a show-stopping impact to passer-buyers at the convention. Below, you’ll find 4  projects that made a statement and branded Integ as a “go-to” vendor that was remembered. The success of this event produced quality lead generation and increased our direct mail presence with franchise owners.

Direct Mail Piece

This beautiful 11 x 6 postcard on GPA’s 12 pt. Silver Mirri board with a UV coating finish drew attention in the mail. This piece offered a “Wow!” factor that included a personalized greeting using our variable data capabilities. Several attendees brought this mailer to our booth; you know you’ve made an impression when your potential customers bring your mailer to your booth. Integ is very happy with the outcome of the direct mail campaign, increasing the number of attendees to our booth, showcasing their variable data capabilities and displaying their expansive printing solutions for beautiful substrates like Silver Mirri Board. If you are looking to draw attendees to your trade show booth with a mailer invitation, contact Integ today to get started! Integ provides services for your whole process, from creative and printing to quality mailing.

Collateral Pieces

"We continued the ‘reflection look’ of the 12 pt. Silver Mirri board in the unforgettable 17 x 11 folded brochure. The interior of the brochure described the packages created specifically for this event. This brochure really catches your eye with its mirror-like appearance and beautiful artwork created by Integ’s Design Team. Printed by the craftsman on the HP Indigo Digital press, this is truly a work of art and is one of the best representations of the Integ Solution from start to finish. This piece was also printed on 12 pt. Silver Mirri board and UV Coated for handling purposes.


Integ’s Creative Services Team was inspired to create their own promotional item/collateral piece by crafting a 3 x 12.5 ruler out of a unique 3D Azuna material. Since this substrate is so unique and highly desired, it ensured the user would value the ruler, versus if it had been printed on a lighter, inexpensive-feeling substrate. This ruler functioned as a tool for the potential customer but also contained vital information about Integ’s services. This piece was very well received and attendees weren’t able to take their eyes off of it.

Environmental Graphics

Eurofit banners stood tall behind the booth creating a huge impact on attendees. Even if an antendee took only a quick glance in Integ’s directions, their brand was represented well.  Utilizing colorful and intriguing graphics helped attract customers to Integ’s booth. The beautiful Eurofit Banner artwork is dye sublimated on polyester knit fabric spanning on a 2-foot wide by 7.5 feet tall banner fabric that displays on an easy to set up tubing frame.

Contact Integ at 254-751-1012 to order your own banners for your next event or to make an impact in your lobby or office. You can also email Jeff Lathern at

Promotional Products

Integ chose Popsockets as their promotional product for this event due to the popularity and function of this highly-desired tech accessory. They had the Integ logo imprinted on these pieces. Integ specifically loved the idea of our brand literally being in the hands of potential customers.

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