Using Print to Engage on Social Media – Case Study on Results & Return

As a marketer, if you are wondering if you can use print to engage on social media…the answer is YES! Take a look at how Integ used a Christmas Party event invitation to engage with customers and drive awareness about the event on social media.

Brain Storming:

As we started the brainstorming process with the in house Creative Department, we knew our main goal was to engage on social media with our print piece and add value to our annual invitation. Our Creative team then came up with die cut Santa beard that attendees would wear, take a selfie and post to Instagram or Facebook with a hashtag for a chance to win an Amazon gift card. This piece also showcased our digital printing capabilities but most importantly created social engagement with our customers to create a buzz about our Christmas party on social media.

The Invitation Design hit the high notes:

Integ’ Christmas Invitation was created as a variable data piece in where the first and last name printed on the nametag on the outside. Printed 4-color with 6 hits of clear on top of 4-color. Printing on top of the outside of the invitation and on the inside, the diagonal stripes, was a clear ink snowflake hinting a beautifully subtle design. Clear ink is a great way to offer a subtle look with a huge impact. The piece was designed as an iron cross fold including the fun humorous jokes of our CEO, David Anderton. These jokes are a staple of the Integ Christmas party each year. Information about the party was on the inside. Inside the invitation, was the die cut santa beard with step by step instructions on how to put it on and enter for your chance to win. Check it out for yourself!


The invitation was sent out to 460 and 24 entries were entered as #beanintegsanta on Instagram and Facebook. This is a 5% return! As the marketing department jumped for joy, our community saw Integ as our Chamber engaged and many other businesses.  B2B Print marketing works and using it to engage with digital marketing platforms works amazing!


As social media influences grow in both B2B and B2C marketing arenas, print is a tangible piece your audience can hold up and literally share with their friends and family. Imagine the possibilities with direct mail and more…if you need help brainstorming, our Creative Department is available. Our Print, Mailing and fulfillment department can handle the rest!

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