Amazing Tools for Trade Shows

Trade shows give you the opportunity to show your brand off to a variety of potential customers and clients. To truly stand out at trade shows, it’s essential that you fashion your booth with the best-in-class displays and graphics to truly cement yourself in the minds of attendees.

There are a variety of graphics we produce that can be used to elevate your trade show experience. Here are some of our most prevalent displays and how they can help your trade show booth stand out among your peers:

Retractable banners

Retractable banners are striking pieces of graphics to use for your trade show displays with the added advantage of mobility. Coming in a variety of sizes, retractable banners give a professional, artistic look to your booth and come with a high degree of customizability. Use of retractable banners can be found both locally at your booth as well as in other parts of a trade show to point attendees towards your table. When it comes to using them at your booth, they provide excellent decoration as accents to your branding. Paired with other powerful trade show graphics like hop-ups and table tents, you create a sturdy sense of unity for your business.


Hop-ups provide large, bold displays for your trade show. For participants they provide a wonderful backdrop for your company’s booth, and for event organizers they can be used for various decorative purposes throughout a convention. Hop-ups help to establish an environment centered around your brand and can make your booth feel specialized by using them as a background. Using hop-ups both provide an additional establishment of your brand and can be used as a tool to create an environment centered around your business.

Table Tents

Want a neat little add-on for your table? Table tents are small, portable signs that give your booth the extra flair it needs. Though smaller compared to other trade show graphics, they provide the chance to convey focused and specific information to your consumers. With their size, they incentivize interaction and thus bring in potential connections. Whether you want to display general advertising or provide concise information to any potential clients eyeing your company, table tents are a great way to customize your trade show experience.

Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays offer you the opportunity to establish your brand in the trade show conscience before the attendees even step into the building. By giving yourself an initial presence, you inherently attract consumers to your business and turn them into clients. Not only do outdoor displays offer a psychological advantage in the sense that they introduce your brand early on, but having your brand be present throughout more than one area of a trade show gives you a larger, more professional air.

Table Runners

Table runners help to break up the design of your table and give them a sense of uniqueness. They are a banner-like decoration which lays across your table, typically with words or a logo printed onto them. Table runners can also simply feature an elegant design. Overall, table runners let your table stand out among its peers and bring more attention to your booth.

Utilizing displays and graphics for your trade show allow you to elevate the experience of your booth to establish yourself more powerfully in the minds of potential clients and customers. By using beautiful, professional graphics you create a stronger reputation for yourself and likewise incentivize interaction with your business.  Call your local Integ representative or visit for more information.

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