The Advantages of Kit Marketing

The Advantages of Kit Marketing

Postcards can be a good way to market and communicate your message to a customer base, but there are even stronger methods to go about it. Utilizing kits is a great way to impactfully market your product or service to others. Let’s face it: we’ve all gotten a postcard, scanned it over, and tossed it in the trash along with the rest of our mail. Kits offer a more engaging way of interacting with the customer. Kit marketing allows you to both create a stronger marketing tool and to establish a stronger sense of identity for your company or your product.


Solidify Your Staying Power

Kits are visually impressive and cement their value through their interactivity. A simple postcard or letter is just that: simple. With a kit, you introduce a variety of options that give your marketing plan a solid identity and remembrance.

The power of kit marketing lies in the various factors that make up their creation and as such the uniqueness that they are able to achieve. Without even taking into account the contents of the kit, the packaging itself can have a profound impact on customers and the effectiveness of your marketing. This includes both the design of the physical packaging and what is printed onto it. With Integ, you can achieve sturdy, high quality packaging, printing, and design. These factors are key to successful kit marketing.

  • Packaging: your kit is nothing without its foundation. To create a solid impression in the minds of your customer, you need a strong basis for your marketing piece. At Integ, we create high quality packaging with superb materials in order to make the greatest product possible.
  • Design: a good packaging foundation must be accompanied by even better design work. Integ helps to create excellent and superior designs for kits that really solidify a kit’s ability to engage the customer and have staying power in their minds.
  • Printing: When it comes to any form of marketing, printing is our specialty. High quality design must be accompanied by high quality printing, and at Integ we deliver. Ensuring your kit has the best possible caliber of printing will cement it as an exceptional product.

Combining these elements into a kit creates a striking and definitive way to interact with a customer. The goals it achieves are many: not only are you averting the typical behavior of the receiver simply tossing out your marketing efforts, but you are creating a superior experience for them to remember and engage with your kit.


A Powerful Customer Experience

The customer experience is the most emphasized advantage of kit marketing. You make your marketing efforts and likewise your product or service much more tangible by creating an actual experience for the consumer. Not only will the quality of the kit be more prevalent in their minds, but actually opening and sorting through the products included will make them more likely to engage with you. Whereas one would usually just toss aside a postcard or letter they receive, customers are more likely to hold onto items included within a kit because of their novelty. By having reminders of your company around them, you increase the likelihood that a consumer is going to remember and utilize your business for future needs.


It’s The Inside That Counts

Arguably, the essence of your kit lies within. Packaging and fulfilment is another service that can be efficiently and effectively carried out by Integ. We create in-house promotional products tailored to your company, and can also have your desired products shipped to us to be assembled into a finished product. With our successful history of mailing and fulfilment in addition to our USPS representative, we guarantee an efficient and affordable delivery.

Kit marketing is a great way to engage your customers and enhance your identity in consumer consciousness. For all your kit-related needs, contact Integ at (254) 751-1012.


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