Print Marketing in the Digital Age

print marketingIn a world where digital marketing is a valuable asset to marketing plans and lead generation, print marketing still has its place to create better response rates, make an impact, increase conversion, and lead generation resulting in revenue growth and retention.

Print Goes Digital
Technology has not only affected the way we connect with people and customers,  it has greatly affected the world of print with digital printing. Digital printing allows marketers the ability to create small, targeted and variable printed marketing materials that are cost effective. The print industry isn’t getting smaller with the growth of digital, but growing as it adapts to new challenges. Although digital printers are now available, offset printing is still the most cost effective for large quantities.

Why should we include Print in our Marketing Strategy?
When wondering if a print marketing strategy is the right addition to your overall marketing strategy, realize that direct mail drive not only has a greater response rate from consumers than email, your clients and audience are impacted as the median (paper choice) shapes the message. The paper stock you choose sends a message to your customers that the digital world cannot. The touch and feel of a print piece creates an experience. Whether it’s direct mail or a magazine, print creates a lasting response that digital cannot.

print marketing Print Isn’t Old-Fashioned
Maybe your marketing team would say “print is an old-fashioned way of reaching customers” when in actuality, there is a bigger more appealing way to transform your client’s mindset. One swipe and your audience is no longer captivated. With print, your audience can touch, feel, respond and hold on to your event reminder, your offer or promotion, or even the wealth of information you’ve compiled in a magazine or brochure. Although digital marketing should hold a large part of your overall strategy, there is a place for print.

Local Commercial Printers
With the ability to upload your files digitally, print marketing is now available locally, meaning that your marketing materials can be printed, produced, and delivered in 24 to 48 hours. This means the efficiency of your campaigns and print needs have exponentially grown. The digital change has made the print industry a staple, allowing marketers that understand the value of print to get a leg up and reach their audiences without solely utilizing digital platforms and email marketing.

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