Integ Receives 4 Best of Category Awards at the 2021 GraphEx Show


Integ is happy to receive 4 Best of Category awards from the 2021 GraphEx Show. Integ prides itself on providing our clients quality work that exceeds expectations. Our team would like to thank our great clients that push us to be better and create stunning pieces of art. We would also like to thank every single employee that contributes towards the amazing work Integ does.

List of Award Winners:

Digital – Magazines, periodicals & publications             Greater Waco Business Quarterly

Offset – Posters                                                                      Football Renewal for Texas University

Digital – Printer’s self promotion                                      Integ’s Metallic Ink Swatchbook

Offset – Specialty, novelty or misc.                                   Texas A&M Pocket Folder Album Sleeve

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