Integ Acquires the First HP Indigo 7K Press in the United States

We’ve done it again.

Integ has acquired the first HP Indigo 7k Press in the United States. With capabilities unlike any other digital press on the market, we knew that our clients had to have access to this incredible asset.

Listen to David Anderton, CEO, and Kyle Dewitt, Senior Regional Manager, talk about this incredible acquisition.

Press Release

June 22, 2020 – Integ, a creative communications production company, has acquired the first HP Indigo 7K Digital Press in the United States. Integ will now be able to deliver innovative printed products that enable its customers to engage with audiences in new and unexpected ways.

Integ, a long-time operator of HP Indigo digital solutions, is upgrading its digital printing operations with the installation of the first HP Indigo 7K in the United States. The HP Indigo 7K  offers expanded digital versatility thanks to supporting thicker media and more than 20 specialty inks, including metallic colors, along with its core advantages of on-demand, unlimited variability.

“This new technology is bold and exciting, enabling us to differentiate our offering and allows our clients to use the 7K’s abilities to transform printed pieces to tell their story most effectively,” said David R. Anderton, President & CEO of Integ. “The fact that the Indigo can print both metallics and emboss has already started a buzz among our clients. Its ability to also print both variable data and images is something we cannot wait to offer our clients.”

Integ decided to upgrade to the Series 3 HP Indigo 7K platform over its former HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press in accordance with a 5-year growth plan that Integ has been executing. The acquisition of the Indigo 7K was the last step of the growth plan. According to Anderton, with each subsequent upgrade of HP Indigo technology, HP has introduced Integ to new capabilities that have revolutionized printed pieces. Integ opted for a fully loaded press including special effects printing.


HP Indigo 7K powering endless innovation in applications

The HP Indigo 7K Digital Press expands high-value, 19-inch format digital applications with endless possibilities thanks to the widest-ever range of media on the platform and over 20 specialty inks.  Media gamut ranges up to 22 pt (550 microns /650gsm), while special inks include HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver, fluorescents, high-opacity Premium White, Invisible Yellow for security and unique applications, and ElectroInk Easy Release ink for scratch-offs. New features will be upgrade options to the HP Indigo 7000 series.

Integ also services many brands and high-profile universities that all have unique color requirements. HP Indigo 7K digital press allows it to deliver the jobs in fast turnaround times with high quality while transitioning many of those projects from offset to digital. The HP Indigo 7K provides a high sustainability profile for Integ to pass on to its customers, as the new press is CO2 neutral, can print on FSC Certified paper, and produces little waste, said Anderton.

The new HP 7K Digital Press is also PrintOS connected and will enable Integ to take advantage of apps that help improve real-time volume, maintenance, and performance metrics, in addition to greater insight in staff and job scheduling, press utilization, and load balancing across plants.

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