How to Brand a Space by Using Indoor Business Signage

How to Brand a Space by Using Indoor Business Signage

Indoor signage is a great way to create an atmosphere that reflects your brand. By using indoor signage you not only add flavor to your interiors, but you establish a more unified identity for your company.

Explore Your Signage Options

With Integ, you can pick from a variety of options in order to make your indoor signage as effective as possible. Here are some of the most popular choices our clients love:

Wall murals are an excellent way to reinvigorate your office space. Not only can they be a piece of art, but they can inspire employees by sharing your company values and culture in their design. They can help your office be relaxed or boost creativity in morale among employees. Utilizing wall murals will incentivize motivation for work using powerful, quality art.

Wall graphics spotlight your products and services as well as direct customers to areas of the store where you want to drive traffic when they enter the building. They add a sense of customization and uniqueness to the different items that your company provides, helping to give them all their own identity.

Dimensional letters and logos are made of various materials including acrylic, wood, PVC or metal. They can boost creativity, or they can simply be used to generate ideas and start brainstorming sessions. Adding them to your office space helps establish your brand with a new layer of dimensionality, and gives it a stronger form. Additionally, the fact that you have a physical representation of your branding gives it a corporeal sense.

Architectural displays share information in an eye-catching visual manner about your business goals and company culture. Whether complex or simple, bringing architectural displays into your interior can give your space a solid, transformative effect. Having 3D art in your space can give it an almost interactive feel, bringing more attention from your customers to your brand and improving the staying power of your company.

Mounted acrylic prints can be installed on walls and doorways to share information about past accomplishments and what you can do for the future success of clients. Acrylic prints are an excellent wall graphic to utilize with their ability to express information in a unique, high quality way. In addition, the various ranges in size and style you have available allow for them to fit into a diverse number of spaces in your buildings.

Branding your interiors with indoor signage is a powerful way to make your interiors and your company’s branding stronger and corporeal. To transform your indoor space with exemplary wall graphics, contact Integ at (254) 751-1012

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