Bronco Off-Roadeo

Bronco Off-Roadeo is the physical embodiment of the brand’s spirit and attitude. Located in four destinations around the country, Bronco has built a unique off-roading playground experience that Shaun Gardiner and American Color labs had a part in delivering great wall graphics. We are honored to have helped contribute to the experience at the Texas location at Grey Wolf Ranch in Horseshoe Bay.

When you arrive to Grey Wolf Ranch, it feels like entering Jurassic Park but instead the gate spells Bronco. Located on the playground property is what the staff call Basecamp. The facility was purpose built to house the operations of Off-Roadeo along with the merchandise store and dinning area. ACL and Bronco teamed up to transform this facility into an educational space while staying true to the Bronco brand.

Upon entering Basecamp, graphics of Bronco history are immediately around you. Behind the front desk towers an amazing graphic that depicts two Broncos traversing two different terrains. In the middle is a cut out graphic of the Off-Roadeo logo. This entire front scene was created by the ACL and Integ team. Various walls around the complex were wrapped by ACL using old photos of original Bronco models in the wild.

ACL also helped with decaling and wrapping the Broncos that attendants would drive during their time at Off-Roadeo. Every Bronco had a version of the Off-Roadeo logo. All aspects of this experience were branded to create a memorable time.

Bronco’s Off-Roadeo is a chance to test the seemingly unfindable limits of the off-road vehicles. Along with the chance to drive Broncos, participants will go through base level off-road training building up to advanced techniques like rock climbing. It is an all-day learning experience that novice and experienced drivers can all learn from.

We (David and Cooper Anderton) were lucky enough to be invited to spend the day driving these incredible Ford Bronco’s. The trainers made the experience awesome with their enthusiasm and welcoming personalities.  I am an off road enthusiast and this test center is the real thing.  Luckily, we stayed on 2, 3 and 4 wheels all day.  No wheels is a problem!

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