3 Ways to Add Value to Your Promotional Products

promotional productsPromotional Products have been around since political candidates have wanted to win elections. Just like with campaign pins, when you put your brand on pens, cups, or even fidget spinners, you make it your own. These tips will help you utilize promotional products more effectively.

Give to Get

Nothing is free in business and this fact should be reminded to marketers that give out promotional items like it is candy. Even though something like a pen can be relatively inexpensive, you can use it to gain information in exchange for the pen. Never give anything away unless you will or have gotten something back.

With something like pens and koozies, you can get contact information in exchange for the items at tradeshows. This is a great example of how to give to get using promotional products.

Giving out promotional products to current customers gets you something back as well. The recipient companies will be excited and grateful that you sent them USEFUL items and this will strengthen the relationship and will in turn  generate consistent or increased business from those companies.

A give to get mindset with promotional products is not always necessary. For example, if you were running a direct mailer to prospective customers and included a promotional item, you more than likely will not get a monetary return on all promotional items sent. Always keep in mind what kind of return you are looking for each time you give away promotional items.

Weird and New are Better than Last Years Model

Most companies that utilize promotional products have the same giveaways each year with the same promotional products. If you give away branded pens every year to your clients, that is fine; however, be sure to make the pens different and weirdly useful each year. For example, give away pens with a stylus on the end. People will play with that stylus pen on their phones and tablets all day long because it serves a unique purpose in comparison to other writing utensils. It’s a different and intriguing product that they received for free, causing them to value it over their other writing utensils. Another example would be to give away a little desk speaker to the first 50 customers that order a product sold by your company.

Find useful things that no one has thought of. If you can change the way someone lives his or her life with a promotional product, you have a customer for life. Be weird and stand out with the promotional products you give to your customers.

Quality and Quantity

To answer the question regarding quantity or quality, analyze what you want out of the promotional product campaign. If you are doing a mass giveaway to try to create as many impressions as possible, go with quantity. If you are gifting something to your customer of the month, then go for quality. However, there are a couple of thoughts that should be considered before ordering anything.

The first issue to consider before ordering is that the quality of the product can portray the quality of your company. You can order mass quantities of inexpensive pens, but if you go for the cheapest option, you risk them breaking and turning a relationship sour. Customers appreciate good quality and will reciprocate that sense of value that you put on them.

Secondly, customers will gauge the value you think they have by the quality of the item you give. Customers do not expect to walk up to every tradeshow booth and receive a Rolex watch, but if you give them a cup that is scratched and does not look appealing, you send the message to the potential customer that their value is inexpensive.

Finally, find the balance between quality and quantity that works for whatever promotional product campaign you are running. When you find that perfect balance, the results will be evident.

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