David Anderton, CEO of Integ, sits down with Waco Chamber of Commerce

David Anderton, CEO of Integ, had the opportunity to sit down with Autumn Outlaw of the Waco Chamber of Commerce and discuss the local economy, Integ’s growth, vision and why Waco is a great place to have a business.

“Welcome to the Chamber Connection. I’m Autumn Outlaw, Director of Marketing Communications for the Waco Chamber of Commerce. Waco has a long impressive history of manufacturing and it remains a significant supporter of the local economy. Manufacturing is not only large production facilities there are businesses and organizations of all sizes producing goods and services that contribute to the success of Waco’s economy and to the unique flavor of this community. We are continuing our focus on ‘made locally’ and you’ll find more in our Waco Chamber Business Quarterly magazine.”

“This leads us to our first guest today.  Welcome, this is David Anderton from the from Integ, President, and CEO. We are so glad to have you here today. You are the ones who actually produce our quarterly magazine so we love you and all you do to support the Waco Chamber. Thank you for being here today,” states Autumn Outlaw. “You’re very welcome,” replies Mr. Anderton.

“I want to go ahead and jump in, I want to know how exactly did Integ start?” asked Autumn. “Integ started, gosh, the first company I acquired was a company called Brazos Printing this was in 94.’  I had a local banker that kind of trusted us and allowed us to come in and purchase the company. It was a really small company. It was me and two other folks. It was located in front of Kagles Gun Shop or Leo’s you know right there on Valley Mills Dr. So that was the beginning and you know then from there we started looking at you know other opportunities and so it’s been a great ride.” explained David.

“So you acquired some printing services along the way and you’ve grown from not only printing but to mailing and other services more recently.” inquired Mrs. Outlaw.  “We’ve done seven acquisitions here locally and then six outside the community so those being in the mailing, we’re really kind of thought of as the ‘mailing go-to’ for any services here and in the McLennan County or Waco area. Then we have a really strong relationship with the Post Office (United States Postal Services) so they are in our building all the time and they have their own office and we’re not allowed in it,” explained David with a smile. “They also do all the quality control checks and handling the mail (process) as well as transportation so it leaves our building and goes right into their system.” Autumn responds “That’s a pretty big job.” David replies, “It’s a great relationship”

“Printing-wise, you know over time we’ve just kind of learned to grow and to understand what the clients’ needs are. You know we have to keep listening to you know what the market is doing and so we’ve gotten into digital more and more. We also still have the ‘Big Iron’ the ‘big six and eight-color presses’ that you see that are half a block long so we’ve done a lot of digital work as well. We’ve just been real fortunate through the print side we’ve always kind of dreamed of being a leader in an industry and I think we’re achieving those dreams and we are so grateful.” David explains.  “That’s great, well Waco is very lucky to have you,” Autumn replied.

“I was reading a little bit and I wanted you to tell me, where did a name Integ come from?” Autumn asked. “So Integ is it’s kind of a root word of a couple of things and what I stand for and so you know integrity is kind of the word I grew up with and something I really believe in and so we took that (word) and then our company is so integrated in that we have many different products from environmental graphics to a big promotional products division. We offer lots of different services, so with the ‘integration’ of those things, the two words..(have the same)..root word which is Integ. So that’s where I came up with (the name) “Integ.” explained David.

“Do you work with a lot of local businesses here in the Waco community?” inquired Ms. Outlaw.  Mr. Anderton replies, “I would say a big percentage of our clients are local. You know, we get to know them really well we get to know what their needs are and kind of how their (business) make-up is…we have a relationship (with them) and so that’s that’s very helpful and because they’re here and we kind of go through life together…We’re very focused on local.” “It’s nice that you’re helping to foster made-local relationships that we love here at the Waco Chamber. That’s great.” complimented Autumn.

“You know, Waco’s changed a lot in the last few years just from people coming into town and if businesses downtown has changed a lot. So with the influx of people coming in, if someone asked you know ‘why should I move to Waco and why should I bring a business to Waco?’, what would you tell them?’ asked Ms. Outlaw. Mr. Anderton replied, “Well you know, of course, it’s a great business climate- it’s really good right now. I think the leadership would be – for me – a big priority. I think the people that are in the seats for making decisions for what Waco is and what we want to be (is great), you know, I think we just have an amazing group of leaders…not only in the Chamber but within the city and within the business community. I think you’ve got really high integrity, honest folks…it’s a good place to do business and I’ve seen that all along and I continue to believe it.”

“You mentioned the Chamber, how long have you been a Chamber member?” asked Autumn. “You know probably since the beginning…24 years or so. It’s one of the first things that anybody should do you know when they first get started, that’s one of the first items that you check off is to to get involved with the local chamber. So whether you’re the manager the owner…it doesn’t matter you just need to get involved.” explained David.

“So what are some of the top benefits you mentioned to get involved (with the Chamber) and what areas you think are the biggest benefit?” requested Autumn.  “Oh gosh, you know, certainly networking, you get to know lots of folks and so that’s important. But you know, learning the direction of the city and the chamber, what they’re dreaming about and you kind of have some input and that’s a positive. Of course, with the recruitment of new business, the chamber does a tremendous job with that. Behind the scenes, I’ve learned different policies and politics – all the things that they’re involved with. It’s a big engine lots of things going on.” explained David. “Well, we’re glad that you’re a part of it,” said Ms. Outlaw.

“I have one more question – kind of outside of work, so what’s the thing that you love doing the most in Waco on the weekends or in your free time?” asked Autumn.  “Oh gosh, you know, restaurants, of course, everybody loves to eat. Waco has great local restaurants…love my Baylor Bears…all the sports there- Sic’ em Bears. We’re in Lorena so high school football which is Friday Night – you can’t beat it. I love to play golf and be outside. Waco has so many things that you can do I don’t think you can ever get to them all. I think that’s just another positive.” said David.  “I agree, well thank you so much for being on the show today. We’re so glad to have you in our community and have the support you offer to the chamber. Thank you very much, we appreciate it.” said Ms. Outlaw. You can find more interviews with local Waco business here at the Chamber Connection.

November 29th, 2017

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