3 Ways to Elevate Your Marketing with Wide Format Printing

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Wide format is capable of printing objects between 18″and 100″ wide and is optimized for graphics or marketing materials with high color and incredible detailing. Large, glossy, full-color wide format printing makes a large visual impact for your company’s marketing needs. There are a number of ways to increase your brand awareness through wide format printing, including:

  1. Banners: A number of different banner options are available within wide format printing, such as vinyl, windmesh or retractable banners, and can be used for projects like trade shows exhibits or various events.
  2. Wall Wraps: Wall wraps have a variety of substrates available: such as adhesive vinyl, printable wallpaper, alumni graphics and other specialty wall graphics for an effective first impression to clients, partners, potential hires, etc.
  3. Signs: A variety of materials exist in the sign division, some optimized for outdoor elements such as Sintra (expanded PVS in varied thickness), or ultraboard signs (have a rigid exterior) which are optimized for easel signs and wall mounts.

There are many other capabilities within wide format printing such as decals, canvas print art, window graphics, max-metal alumni signs, and more.

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